Monday, 10 December 2012

Dancing omelettes and thirsty gypsies.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese god send for those who ever suffered from a hangover, but have enough common sense to know that a Big Mac is a short term cure. Of course 90% of the times, I will opt for a Big Mac as it does strike me as slightly hypocritical to be health conscious and forward thinking when your hangover is a painful proof that you are in fact neither.

It is also available at every street corner, and traveling is not something that should be taken lightly when every fibre of your body can only be described as fragile.

However if you do find yourself near Brixton Market you should definitely try Okan, a little cafe serving amazing Japanese street food.

We went to the market with L and A and were rather excrutiantly trying to fight the effects of the night before. That is how we found ourselves enjoying what is sometimes called a Japanese answer to pizza (I think this is a slight generalisation), I would say it is more of an omelette. It's a mixture of raw cabbage, spring onion, kimchi, sweetcorn, seafood or meat, or both, in an egg and tempura flour batter and basted in okonomiyaki sauce (amazing!) and Japanese mayo. I know all this doesn't sound too appealing, but believe me it is one of those mixtures that tastes like nothing else and instantly rocks your world. This is then sprinkled with a handful of dried tuna flakes which are brought to life by the heat emanating from the dish. It is an odd experience, eating food that moves, but also quite magical (is that a weird thing to say?) like eating something that has been resurrected (definitely a weird thing to say...).

Next time I'll take a video to show you how tuna does hula.

After feeling much braver and extremely nourished we decided it is only appropriate we chase it up with some cake and coffee

The cakes were magical too, they made me channel my inner Holy gypsy milkmaid when asking for more water.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



  1. Come and visit and ill make you one, we went to our local Asian supermarket and got all of the ingredients so you get okonomiyaki on tap in our household! X

    1. Tinking of coming in january...will let you know the deets ;) facetime this weekend? Oh and do you check ur twitter?

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm yummy!

    I've joined the Club Of Polish Bloggers ;-) So, I'm saying 'Hi' and staying at your place for longer ;-)